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Work Title
Composed in 1989.
Ensemble Type
String Quartet
Work Length
10 to 30 minutes
For string quartet.
As Cage himself instructs: “The players sit in the conventional relation to each other. There are three five-minute sections, A-C, each having flexible time brackets and one which is fixed; these are notated from 0’00” to 5’00”. There are four parts (1-4), each of which can be played by any of the players. If the performance is to last ten minutes, all players play section B (parts 1-4). The two violinists then exchange their parts with the other two players either as 1 with 3 and 2 with 4 or 1 with 4 and 2 with 3. After resetting their chronometers, they play section B again. If the performance is to last twenty minutes, all players play sections A and C without pause between. Players 1 and 2 then exchange their parts with players 3 and 4 in either way and play A and C again. If the performance is complete, ABC, with the repetition it will last thirty minutes.”
Arditti Quartet
Peters Edition EP 67304