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Work Title
The Beatles 1962-1970
Composed in 1990.
Ensemble Type
For piano and tape. Alternatively this work has been performed by multiple pianists.
This work consists of “melodies (which maybe doubled at the octave) and accompaniments in 7 flexible time brackets and one that is fixed. Six piano parts to be superimposed” (from Cage, “Performance Notes”). Its materials consist of fragments of various lengths derived from an arrangement of Beatles songs, each embedded within time brackets. Tempo is left to the performer(s), and octave transpositions are permitted. This work was composed for a project initiated by Aki Takahashi, who asked several composers to write pieces in some manner related to a Beatles tune. Her resulting collection was released on a 4-CD set on the Toshiba EMI label (Japan); Cage’s piece is included on the volume entitled Hyper Beatles Best, which also includes works by Rzewski, Takemitsu, Tenney, et al.
Aki Takahashi