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Work Title
Etcetera 2/4 Orchestras
Composed in 1985. Premiered in Tokyo, December 8, 1986.
Ensemble Type
Work Length
Approximately 30 minutes
For 3(picc, a-fl), 3(ca), 3(b-cl), 3 (cbsn) - 4,3,3,1 - 3 perc - pf - hp - str (12,12,8,6,4) - tape.
This work consists of materials for an orchestral performance with and without 4 conductors and a tape recording of sounds captured from the environment where the piece was composed (Cage’s 18th St. loft in NYC). The orchestras begin playing with conductors. At random moments, 2 soloists from each orchestra leave their ensemble and move to one of 8 platforms, four with microphones, four without, and play one of 4 solos. Players with 'unmovable' instruments, such as piano, harp, or stationary percussion, choose moments at which they play solos. After performing their solos, the players return to the larger ensemble and continue playing orchestral material. The conductor beats more or less conventionally, creating the orchestral pulse, which is extremely slow and non-rhythmic. The orchestral material has fixed notes and is notated conventionally but with indications for playing slightly before or after the beat and calling for microtonal glissandi.
Peters Edition EP 67119R
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