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Work Title
Composed in 1989. Premiered in Huddersfield, November 21, 1989.
Ensemble Type
For pianist using one to four pianos.
As Cage himself indicates: “There are keyboard aggregates, combinations of quarter notes without stems, and single whole notes, prepared tones if accompanied with a P, bowed, plucked or mutes tones if not so accompanied. The [symbol of a small circle with an x through it] is an auxiliary sound characterized by its being long sustained (e.g. a gyroscope or top in contact with the interior piano structure); it is to be used only once with respect to each piano. The damper pedals of all pianos used are to be held down throughout. The notations describe instruments which are available at all times to the pianist for use. In a single performance no particular continuity is to be thought of as indicated.
Margaret Leng Tan
Peters Edition EP 67880