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Work Title
A Dip in the Lake: Ten Quicksteps, Sixty-One Waltzes and Fifty-Six Marches for Chicago and Vicinity
Alt. Title
A Dip in the Lake
Composed in 1978.
Ensemble Type
For performer(s), or listener(s), or record maker(s).
Transcriptions may be made for other cities, or places, by assembling through chance operations a list of 427 addresses and then, also through chance operations, arranging these into ten groups of two, sixty-one groups of three, and fifty-six groups of four. The idea behind this work is to assemble a chance-determined list of 427 addresses in any given city, grouping them into 10 groups of 2, 61 groups of 3, and 56 groups of 4. Performers are then instructed to go to each of the given locations and listen to, perform at, and/or make recordings of the sounds that are available at each.
Peters Edition EP 66761