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Work Title
Chess Pieces
Composed in 1943.
Ensemble Type
For solo piano.
This composition was originally conceived as an ink-and-gouache on masonite painting, created specifically for “The Imagery of Chess” exhibition at the Julien Levy Gallery in New York City (1944-45), an exhibition that was comprised of works that were in some manner related to Marcel Duchamp's interest in chess. In 2005, the original painting resurfaced, and, in working to realize it as a musical composition, Mararet Leng Tan discovered it to be a coherent composition – a through-composed score, consisting of 22 systems of music read conventionally from left to right. Each system is a self-contained musical unit of 12 bars, translating collectively into 22 modular segments. Leng Tan subsequently recorded the work, and thus it was both exhibited and heard within the context an exhibition entitled “The Imagery of Chess Revisited” at The Noguchi Museum in Long Island City, New York (21 October 2005 – 16 April 2006). The original score, as visual artwork, remains in a private collection in Chicago; the transcription for solo piano is available from C.F. Peters (EP68110).
Peters Edition EP68110