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Composed in 1960. Premiered in New York, February, 1960.
Ensemble Type
Auxiliary score for performance with Cage's lecture ("Where Are We Going? And What Are We Doing?" [EP 6773]) or instrumental performance (any parts of Concert for Piano and Orchestra [EP 6705a-n]), involving magnetic tape (Fontana Mix [EP 6712]), recordings, radios, etc.
WBAI is New York's Pacifica station. This composition may be used in whole or in part by an operator of machines. Cage gives some examples on his title page to the score: 1. Tape machines in a performance of Fontana Mix with Solo for Piano, Aria etc. 2. Record players with amplifiers and tone controls. 3. Amplifier and tone control of the speaker’s voice in the reading of a lecture, such as Indeterminacy, Communication, or Where Are We Going, And What Are We Doing?. The durations in the score are graphed in space. Overall duration is determined by the performer.
Peters Edition EP 6772
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