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Work Title
Composed in 1985.
Ensemble Type
Work Length
Approximately 6 minutes
For solo voice.
Sonnekus2 is a series of 9 short songs with texts based on the first Book of Moses, Genesis, and cast in the form of mesostics. The melody of the each is pentatonic and should be sung without vibrato, as simple folksong. The singer should build in long pauses, during which she can change costumes or go into other rooms of the building, singing Satie cabaret songs ('Je te veux', 'La Diva de l'Empire' and 'Tendrement'). This composition may be performed alone or as a part of Cage’s The First Meeting of the Satie Society (1984-85). The title derives from Satie's Sonneries de la Rose + Croix and “Haikus." The squared (2) in the title refers to the fact that there are nine letters in the keyword (Sonneries) and nine poems in the piece (9 x 9). For texts, click on the following link:
Peters Edition EP 67069