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Work Title
Scottish Circus
Composed in 1990. Premiered in Glasgow, September 20, 1990.
Ensemble Type
Work Length
30 minutes
For any number of Scottish or Irish folk instruments.
A musicircus based on Scottish traditional music. Scottish Circus comprises superimposed sequences of Scottish traditional music (jig, reel, slow air, hornpipe, Piobaireachd, pipe march, lament, Gaelic song, etc.), selected and formed into programs by participating players. Within the work’s 30” duration, each player should incorporate three breaks of approximately 5’ each, during which no sounds should be made. This work was commissioned by Eddie McGuire and The Whistlebinkies. Note: Scottish Circus had its origin at the 1984 Edinburgh International Festival, where The Whistlebinkies gave an improvised performance, under Cage’s direction, at the reception for the opening of an exhibition of Cage’s visual art works at the Fruitmarket Gallery.
Peters Edition EP 67496
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