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Work Title
Perpetual Tango
Alt. Title
Alt. Title
Sports & Divertissements
Composed in 1984.
Ensemble Type
Work Length
Approximately 2 minutes
Fr solo piano.
This is a single movement from an incomplete work, "Sports," which is based on Volume 3 of Erik Satie's "Sports & Divertissements" (English translation by Virgil Thomson, published in 1975 by Editions Salabert.) One other movement was completed and published, "Swinging" (EP 67301). Perpetual Tango was written at a request of Yvar Mikhashoff, who was preparing a collection of piano tangos. Cage sent Mikhashoff a replica of the tango from Erik Satie's Sports et Divertissements, with subtle changes. Cage maintained the rhythm of Satie's work, but omitted and lengthened certain of its notes, a process similar to that used in the composition of his Cheap Imitation. Pitches are unspecified, but indications for registers are notated and directions are given for the sounding of single notes or intervals.
Peters Edition EP 67483