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Work Title
Composed in 1992. Premiered in Cologne, September 19, 1992.
Ensemble Type
Work Length
90 minutes
A film without subject produced and directed by Henning Lohner, to be shown with or without 103 (EP 67433).
This is Cage's only film, directed by Henning Lohner. It may be performed with 103 (EP 67433). The film is available, in video format both from C.F. Peters and New York's Electronic Arts Intermix, or in the original film format from Henning Lohner. One11 may be performed as a solo; when it is performed with 103, the title changes to One11 and 103. Cage made a video realization of this score, which is composed entirely of images of the chance-determined play of light.
Peters Edition EP 68191R