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Work Title
Music for
Alt. Title
Music for…
Composed in 1984, revised in 1987. Premiered in New Milford, Ct., August 15, 1984.
Ensemble Type
Work Length
Approximately 30 minutes
Parts without score (no fixed relations), title to be completed by adding to "Music For" the number of players performing. Prts available for Voice, Fl, Ob, Cl, Hrn, Trp, Trm, Perc(4), 2 Pfs, 2 Vns, Va, and Vc.
This work consists of 17 parts for voice and instruments without overall score. Its title is to be completed by adding the number of performers, i.e. Music for Five, Music for Twelve, and so forth. Each part consists of "pieces" and "interludes," notated on two systems and using flexible time-brackets. Some of the "pieces" are made up of single held tones, preceded and followed by silence, and should be played softly; they can be also be repeated. Others consist of sequences of tones with various pitches, notated proportionally. Tones in these parts are not to be repeated and have varying dynamics, timbres, and durations. The "Interludes", lasting 5, 10, or 15 seconds, are to be played freely with respect to dynamics and durations of single notes, and normally with respect to timbre. The work uses microtonal pitches. The piano is played by bowing the strings with fishing line or horse hair. The percussionists have 50 instruments each, chosen by the performer with the caveat that selected instruments are able to produce held tones. The string parts follow the notation of Freeman Etudes. The players may decide on the number of “pieces” and “interludes” to be performed, resulting in a maximum duration of thirty minutes.
Peters Edition EP 67040-P