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Work Title
Music for Amplified Toy Pianos
Composed in 1960. Premiered in Middletown, Ct., February 25, 1960.
Ensemble Type
Parts to be prepared from score by performer for any number of toy pianos.
This is a composition indeterminate of its performance. The material consists of 7 sheets of transparent plastic, 2 sheets with points (referring to the keys of rods of the piano[s]), 2 with circles (piano amplification), 2 with points within circles (noise), and 1 with a graph and a straight line. The transparencies are superimposed to create a single reading, and any number of readings may be made. In any performance, the toy piano(s) is (are) amplified via contact microphones. Loudspeakers are distributed around the performance space.
Peters Edition EP 6724