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Work Title
In a Landscape
Composed in 1948. Premiered in Black Mountain, N.C., August 20, 1948.
Ensemble Type
Work Length
8 minutes
Also playable as a harp solo. This work is included in the C.F. Peters Cage compilation "Piano Works 1935-48" (catalog number noted).
The rhythmic structure of this supremely lyrical work is 15 x 15 measures (5-7-3), following the structure of the Lippold dance for which it was written. The piece is similar to Cage’s Dream, but the fixed gamut of tones is more extensive. Resonances are sustained throughout the composition by using both pedals. The sound of the composition is soft and meditative, reminiscent of the music of Erik Satie.
Louise Lippold
Peters Edition EP 67830
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