You're listening to a studio recording made by Cage at Mills College in Oakland, California, in 1978, lasting some 10 hours. It was heard communally, with mandatory breaks, at the John Cage Trust's Empty Words centennial sleepover event at Bard College in June 2012. The reading is ongoing, so you are entering by chance wherever Cage may be in the work. Playback is automatic -- if you hear nothing, be patient: you've entered at a silent section. You may silence Cage's reading, but when you "restart" you will be entering at a later point.

Here is an overview of the works sections as referenced by the running time.
00:00:00--2:30:00Section 1
02:30:01--05:01:33Section 2
05:01:34--07:34:13Section 3
07:34:14--10:04:20Section 4